Release Notes

Recent Changes:
Version 13.1x (Released: 11.November.2016
– Fixed issues with response time.
Version 13.0x (Released: 10.July.2016
– New functions added (responses from Wiki)
Version 12.9x (Released: 5.March.2016
– Fixed: Woeid location and all services connected to update of Yahoo geo places API. This fixes location and weather related queries
Version 12.8x (Released: 7.December.2015
– Fixed: display of photos
– Fixed: Game Scores, Conversation Mode, Language Translations, Math functions, Detailed knowledge quotes, Wiki Answers, etc.
Version 12.4x (Released: 25.June.2015
– Major updates to all features.
– New video demo:
Version 12.2x-12.3x (Released: 18.June.2015
– Added: Fixed support for Android Lollipop
– Added: Improved answers engine – Andy should be a lot more accurate now
– Fixed issues with Locale.US not working properly for Wikipedia queries
Version 11.8x-12.1x (Released: 19.April.2015
– Fixed: issues with MTS.speak not working.
– Added: More resources to main server to support the load.
Version 11.5-7x (Released: 10-20.November.2014
– Removed: Support for Android API level 8 (The Android 2.2 Froyo). We support only Android devices API level 9 (The Android 2.3 – GINGERBREAD) and higher from now on. 
Version 11.4x (Released: 2.October.2014
– Fixed: issues with getting knowledge one liners (in questions such as: how old is, how tall is, etc.)
– Fixed issues with getting location and weather information.
– Added: More memory to Andy’s server. Andy should be a lot faster now.
Versions 11-11.3x (Released: 10.July.2014
– Bug fixes
Version 10.9x (Released: 6.April.2014
– Fixed: Music playback in full version. Now all commands for music playing should work again (play songs by [group]…; play [songname], etc.)
– Fixed: issue with getting More Details in descriptions.
Version 10.7x & 10.8x (Released: 22.Feb.2014
– Fixed: issue with emailing and recognizing word: e-mail (some tts translate it like this)
Version 10.5x-10.6x (Released: 2.Jan.2014
– Fixed: crashing in 10.2-4x on Android 2.2
– Added more meaningful messaging about Conversation Mode
Version 10.2x (Released: 15.Oct.2013
– We’ve just released a completely redesigned version of Andy app, called Andy X. We’ve modernized Andy’s user interface and re-built Andy’s entire knowledge module, now supplementing answers with photos and videos and relevant excerpts.  You can see screenshots and download the brand new app from Google Play. Paid users can upgrade to new Andy X free of charge.
– Added: Conversation mode. Chat with Cleverbot or Jabberwacky is now fully integrated.
– Added: Knowledge mode. This will allow you to dig deeper into questions you may have.
– Added: New question processing engine is in place, we’re now able to answer 75% of all questions and almost all general knowledge based questions. Now you can ask even such complex questions, as for example: “I am walking in downtown Toronto and I see a huge tower, do you know what it is?” … etc.
– Changed: Completely reworked the color theme.
– Changed: Menu style has been reworked for easier viewing and simpler selection.
– Changed: Processing of conversions and calculations, more precise now.
– Changed: Changed the placement of Andy Microphone button for easy access. It’s always available now at the bottom of the screen.
– Changed: Stop talking button was removed. All functionality, such as searching, aborting the search and muting Andy is now contained within one button icon.
– Overall size of the download has improved by 20%. That means faster downloads for all of you on slower connections.
– Fixed: Sizing of microphone and settings buttons on devices with higher resolution.
– Added: Support for ‘topic’ related images and videos and also partial answers from various internet search engines.
Version 8.0 (Released: 7.Sept.2013
– Fixed: All reported issues experienced while running Andy on Android 4.3 and Android 4.2 devices.
– Fixed: Problem with videos not displaying when Details are switched on from the menu in paid version.
– Fixed: Resolves problems with turning on/off and using Ideas feature. No more crashing.

– In free version we’ve decided to completely remove LeadBold ads to make the ads little less obtrusive. And also flattened recommended apps to a one liner.

Version 7.7 – 7.9 (Released: Sept.2013
– Andy’s online web server & database server were moved to a brand new datacenter. We’re located in Google’s gargantuan Manhattan facility now. Major improvements in response speed  (>10%).
– Fixed: Issues within wrong answers in certain regions and time zones.

– Changed answers algorithm. Little more accurate now.

Version 7.6 (Released: June.2013
– Fixed: Issues within translations from English to other languages.

– Fixed: Issues with voice recognition on some older devices   Version 7.5 (Released: May.2013) – Resolved: various reported bugs, compatibility and app stability issues

Version 7.4 (Released: April.2013
– Added: option to auto start voice recognition right after you open Andy. AutoStart on/off icon is now available in the menu:autostart
 – Fixed: Issues opening Andy on some HTC/Samsung devices
Version 7.3 (Released: 9.April.2013
– Fixed: Issues with opening manual in Free and Full version
– Added: server side improvements for faster communication
Version 7.2 (Released: 2.April.2013
– Fixed: All Weather related queries (Yahoo retired certain aspects of their Weather API)
– Fixed: All Woeid related queries (Questions such as What City am I in?, etc.. also related to Yahoo API)
– Fixed: Freezing in TTS reported by users + removed language requirement for TTS (hopefully this will resolve issues on some devices having problems running text to speech).
 Version 7.0-7.1 (Released: 23.Mar.2013
– Fixed: On some of the devices, users were reporting that they are unable to see a ‘Related Video’ section (when Details turned on). This is fixed now.
– Fixed: TTS default language set to English. This should fix all errors related to newly upgraded Android Jelly Bean devices. 
– Fixed: Alarm feature was crashing on some Android models. This should be resolved now.
– We’ve removed some unnecessary permission making Andy available to more Android devices.

   Version 6.8 – 6.9 (Released: 16.Mar.2013)

– Added: In addition to playing songs, this new version allows you to play all songs by a specific band. So rather than asking Andy to play each song separately, you can simply just say: ‘Play songs by Pink Floyd’ and Andy will queue all Pink Floyd songs into one playlist, which you can navigate….
– Fixed: Many small improvements to overall stability and speed.
 Version 6.7 (Released: 10.Mar.2013
– Fixed: This version includes a fix for all location based queries (questions such as: Where am I? and similar). Problem was caused by Google retiring their Geocoding API vs2. This is now resolved.
 Version 6.5 – 6.6 (Released: 1.Mar.2013
– Added: numerous performance, accuracy and also menu adjustments. Lot of error handling, making entire application more stable.
– now has How To Video Section (this is where we’ll be posting videos on app usage and video answers to most common questions)
 Version 6.4 (Released: 8.Feb.2013
– Added: Play Music (examples: Play Candle in the Wind by Elton John; or just sayt: Play Candle by Elton; or: Play Candle in the Wind).
– Fixed: Locations of nearest places (in USA).
– Calendar features (Postponed due to compatibility issues!)
 Version 6.3 (Released: 2.Feb.2013
– Added: Translate from English to any other language (i.e. How do you say How Are You in Spanish). Support for 65 languages.
– Added: Apha support for Sport Results (ask: NHL Game Results, NBA Game Results, or Who won the last night’s hockey game, etc.)
– Changed: All navigation related functionality has been reworked to be more precise.
– Fixed: Couple small bugs reported by clients, plus a problem calculating distance between A to B over 1,000 km.
 Version 6.2 (Released: 25.Jan.2013
– Added: Mile measurements to all distance related questions.
– Fixed: Small issues in Andy’s personalization feature.
 Version 6.1 (Released: 16.Jan.2013
– Fixed: Issues with opening Wireless Settings on some devices.
– Fixed: Problems doing multi-keyword Google searches.
 Version 6.0 (Released: 15.Jan.2013
– Added: Ability to read the latest text message from your inbox.
– Fixed: Problem doing navigation searches for more than one word: (such as ‘Nearest Pizza Hut’ or ‘Nearest Tim Hortons’, etc.)
– Added: New page on, explaining functionality of all buttons and icons: Andy’s Control Buttons and Icons 
 Version 5.9 (Released: 13.Jan.2013
– Added: Instant answers for the most common questions (answer pre-loading)
– Added: Real-time license check implemented into full version of Andy.
– Fixed: Numerous performance and accuracy adjustments
 Version 5.8 (Released: 3.Jan.2013) 
– Fixed: Bug in a Call/Text/Email feature (started demonstrating on some newer devices)

  Version 5.7 (Released: 29.Dec.2012)

– Added: Tip Calculations (Figuring out how much to tip and how to split a bill between friends is many times hard. Thanks to Andy, this process is very simple now.)
– Added: Open Messages command
– Reworked Definitions engine (added more trigger sentences)
– Fixed: Currency Conversions reporting. Added support for 86 world currencies.
– Fixed: Flight Status reporting.
 Version 5.6 (Released: 16.Dec.2012) 
– Completely reworked question processing engine. Andy is 20% faster now.
– Further improvements to personalization feature (mostly bug fixes).
– Improved update checking.
 Version 5.5 (Released: 3.Dec.2012) 
 – Added: Personalization. Introduce yourself to Andy and he’ll remember your name and personalize the answers. Use Enable/Disable Personalization commands to turn this feature on and off.
– Fixed: Open Application feature was completely reworked. Some devices with over 300 installed apps were taking too long to open app.
– Fixed: Andy not returning answers on devices missing Locale.English. This issue should be fixed now.
– Fixed: Errors or missing weather information in certain world locations or when GPS/Network location signal is not available.
– Fixed: Crashing when providing random facts.
– Fixed: Errors in WOEID queries.
– Changed: Rate Andy prompt. To not to be too obtrusive, we’ve slightly reinvented our approach to rating. Andy will promt its users for rating only after either 5 days of continuous usage or 7 app launches in total.
Version 5.3 – 5.4 (Released: 23.Nov.2012) 
– Added: Cancel Search option – For situations where Andy misinterpreted your question or is taking too long to answer.
– Added: Enhanced Stop Talking button – Andy’s mute button now automatically appears when Andy talks. It will no longer take space on the screen when it’s not needed.
– Added: Long Press on Volume Down key – Executes Voice Search.  This is faster than taping on a microphone icon.
– Added: Long Press on Volume Up key – Mutes Andy (same as pressing Stop Talking button).
– Added: Long press on Bluetooth device button – Opens Andy.
– Added: Loading Progress feature. Shows loading spinning wheel until Andy is fully loaded.
– Added: Open Application feature has been enhanced. You no longer need to speak an exact name of the app… As long as at least one word (even partial) is matching, Andy will open it.
– Fixed: Shake Feature setting is now properly registered by the app.
– Fixed: Bluetooth Communication adjustments for newer A2DP devices.
Version 5.2 (Released: 4.Nov.2012) 
– Added: Text Message confirmation prompt (now you can confirm the text message body as well as sender information before sending text message to recipient).
– Added: Email messaging using simple voice commands. Usage: Email Joe and say I am coming home.
Version 5.1 (Released: 28.Oct.2012)
– Added: Option for setting alarm by saying: Set the alarm for xx:xx am/pm
– Fixed: Issue setting up reminders in certain time zones.
– Fixed: Andy crashing on load in version 5.0.
– Fixed: Keyboard not functioning if accessed within 5 seconds of booting Andy. 
– Fixed: Issues with accessing Off-Line mode.
Version 5.0 (Released: 21.Oct.2012)
– Added: Open any app installed on your device. For example, if you have application called ABC, just say: Open ABC, and Andy will launch it.
– Added: Set Alarms alarm feature (just say: Set an alarm for xx:xx am/pm). For example: Set alarm for 7:33pm; etc.
– Added: Wake Me Up alarm feature (just say: Wake me up at xx:xx am/pm). For example: Wake me up at 6 AM tomorrow morning; etc.
– Added: Reminder at specific time feature (just say: Remind me to …. at xx:xx am/pm). For example: Remind me to clean the dishes at 7 PM / Remind me to go to doctor tomorrow morning at 7:35 ; etc.
– Added: Reminder in (days/hours/minutes) feature (just say: Remind me to …. in  x day(s) x hours and x minutes). For example: Remind me to go to chiropractor in 3 days /   Remind me to Visit Joe in 2 days 2 hours and 22 minutes; etc.
– Added: Cancel Reminder feature (just say: Cancel Reminder at xx:xx am/pm). For example: Cancel reminder at 7:35 tomorrow morning / Cancel reminder at 6 AM; etc.
– Added: ‘Close Andy/ Exit Andy‘ feature.
– Added: Sunset/Sunrise (just say: Sunset in [city]). For example: Sunset in Toronto?
– Added: Open Alarm Clock (just say: Alarm)
– Added: Open Contacts (just say: Open Contacts / Open Phone Book)
– Added: Open Google Play Market (just say: Open Google Play / Google Play)
– Fixed: Weather (world cities). You can ask for: Weather in Toronto, or Weather in Vienna or any other city; and Andy will provide a weather forecast.
– Changed: Offline Support. Now (as long as you’re in typing mode) you don’t have to be online to execute some of Andy features (time,open apps,open settings, calling, texting, day/date calculations, device info,photo,reminders,alarms, etc.)
 – Changed: Andy’s icon has changed to reflect Andy’s official application icon.
 – Changed: Reduced installation size of Andy by 30%.
 – Changed: Response speed is improved on average between 10-20%.
Version 4.8:
– Fixed: Problem answering all weather based queries. Earlier this month Google retired API, which we were using. We’ve fixed that in vs 4.7 by moving to Yahoo API. However, this time it was Yahoo who retired support for JSON queries in their API. This release provides a fix for this problem and effectively fixed the issue. All weather queries should work again.
– Adjusted: We’ve got many emails, asking as to remove the GPS prompt on Andy’s opening screen. It is removed now. Note: It’ll be configurable in the near future.
Version 4.7: 
– Fixed: Problem answering all weather based queries and weather by location queries. This major issue (experienced by all Andy users) was related to Google’s unreported retiring of  Weather API. It took little longer for us to fix the issue due to rewriting all weather associated calls to a new Weather API (for now we’ll be using: Yahoo Weather API).
– Added: Support for querying your own WOEID (Where on Earth IDentifier). More Details: click here
Version 4.6: 
– Fixed: Further fixes to a flaw found in version 4.4.
Version 4.5:
– Fixed: Major flaw found in version 4.4 – Andy providing search results instead of answers for some of the questions.
Version 4.4:
– Fixed: Currency Exchange Rates and conversions from one currency to another. Now Andy can provide up to a minute valid rates.
Version 4.3:
– Added: Support for Live Metal Spot Price (spot price of gold, silver, platinum & palladium)
– Fixed: Area and Distance conversion issue (html code in answers) is fixed in this version.
Version 4.2
– Added: Open Yahoo Mail (added app)
– Added: Entire ‘I’ve no answer’ engine was reworked. Now Andy supplies a random excuse :), when he cannot answer the question.
– Added: ‘Open Temple Run’ command (many requests for this one)
– Added: Andy Version information questions
– Fixed: problems with outdated or incorrect answers to questions related to keywords, such as: age, family (parents, wife, spouse, sister, brother, sibling, siblings, children) , net worth, education, date of death, height, weight, profession, etc.
– Fixed: People Asking feature loading login.
– Fixed: Answers for questions starting with word: Andy
– Removed: Svox TTS links. This software doesn’t work reliably with Andy on some of the devices.
Version 4.1:
– Added: ‘Mute/Stop Talking’ button, right next to a Microphone icon. This allows you to stop Andy, while in the process of reading answer (particularly useful for long answers).
– Added: Interesting Fact feature – get random facts
– Added: Change made to ‘Ideas On’ feature available in full version. It automatically pre-fills question and also provides an answer.
– Added: Free version has a new icon/link for: Top Apps (daily best app offers).
– Fixed: Stock Quotes issue is now resolved.
– Fixed: Text resizing issue
– Fixed: Cleaned the code. Application is now down to 700kb (download size down by 30%).
Version 4.0
– Added/Fixed: Calculator and conversion features. Support for certain new mathematical questions added.
– Fix for TTS detection (now links to Ivona TTS by default). This should remove errors on Android Jelly Bean devices.
– Various small bugs fixed.
Version 3.9:
– Both Free & Paid Version were updated. Starting with vs 3.9. both releases will share the same improved interface.
– Fixed: Many small fixes reported by users. This release should improve overall stability.
– Added: Ads now use smart layout (also in tablets).
– Added: Turn Gps On/Off voice commands.
– Added: Turn Bluetooth On/Off voice commands (improved).
Version 3.8 (Paid Version Only):
– Added: Order Verification Process for all new clients
– Fixed: Problem gathering weather information for certain world location.
– Fixed: Crashing issue: NullPointerException in Log.println_native().
Version 3.7 (Paid Version Only):
– Added: Search images (‘Find a photo of …’)
– Added: Open music player (‘Open my music’)
– Added: ‘City Info’ section, for questions like ‘What city am I in?’
– Added: ‘Interesting Facts On/Off’ icon to navigational menu.
– Added: ‘Manual’ icon to navigational menu.
– Fixed: Application force closes with ‘broadcastIntent() requesting a sticky broadcast‘ error.
– Fixed: Problem when gathering weather forecast based on gps coordinates.
– Fixed: Text to speech problems (issues such as: reading dots, commas, etc.) in weather information.
Version 3.6 (Paid Version Only):
– Completely reworked Andy’s control menu, all accessible now from one single settings icon (located in the navigation bar).
– Andy now remembers your settings (even after if you close Andy app, or reboot your phone) – Fix for GPS locator. Now much better on your phone’s battery life (GPS not connect unless you move at least 20 meters, or at 30 second intervals).
– Fix for SMS (text messages) not showing in Android Messaging List (after being sent). They’ll be visible now.
– Fix for Bluetooth auto turn-off on Andy’s start.
– Fixed issue with date and time display when asking for time based queries (what day was yesterday,today,when is this or that holiday, etc.)
– Added Turn On, Turn Off Bluetooth voice commands.
– If Andy cannot find your answer, it will provide some short fun facts to amuse you (it selects randomly from thousands of interesting facts about nature, science, human body, etc.)
Version 3.5: – Added support for opening various Android Functions. Click to see the details. – Added support for opening various Android Applications. Click to see the details. – Fixed problem with disappearing menu on Honeycomb and ICS tablets and phones.
Version 3.4: – Changed answers algorithm, to be more accurate now. – Major improvements in response speed  (5-10 fold) – Removed queries count (unnecessary overhead)
Version 3.3: – Fixed on shake bug
Version 3.1-3.2: – Various bugs fixed. – Major Update: Support for Android ICS. – Release of Free and Paid Version. – Added support for additional Voices (menu links to Ivona and SVOX).
Version 2.5 – 3.0: – Major Update: Android Tablet Support. You should now be able to install Andy on pretty much any android tablet. Some features like calling and text messaging may not work on tablets. – After two months of running without Ads, I had to re-introduce them in this version in order to support dedicated server payments. I’ve installed these ads in as unobtrusive way as humanly possible.
Version 2.4: – Major fixes to error message handling
Version 2.3: – Issue with Froyo (Android 2.2) version is fixed now (I was able to reproduce the problem on old device) and Android 2.2 version is now officially supported again. – I also took another shot at resolving GPS issue on rooted phones. Please email me if it now closes GPS search connection properly. I’m unable to reproduce this issue on any phone so far, but I’ve done some changes. – Fix for bad local weather information when GPS signal not available. Now it provides GPS enable message, rather than wrong weather information. – Fix for currency conversions results (in some cases provided wrong answers) – Fixed issue of submitting a question with white spaces in front and end of the strings. – Added a message toast on Andy’s start up (explaining location of Andy’s manual). – Lot of small code changes to make Andy yet little more responsive.
Version 2.2: – Added support for Flight Status. See status of any flight, just by saying flight number (AC 909); or for example: ‘Flight Status AC 909’ – Andy’s speed improvements! Database was redesigned to produce faster results. It should be about twice as fast now. – Dropped support for Hashed query search, this will further speed up result gathering. – Dropped support for multiple sentences searching, this will further speed up results gathering. – Enforced support for English results return (there were some issues with Chinese results mixing in). – Turn off GPS on exit from application. This seem to have fixed the issue for 90% of users, judging from the email feedback. Anyhow close GPS intent created by Andy may still be a problem on Rooted Phones, hard to reproduce for me at the moment, but I will look at the issue. – Fix for ‘How many days until’ sentences (there was a typo in Andy’s code, which needed to be fixed). – Fix for simple one word greeting Hello and Hi (it was appending Define in front of it)
Version pre 2.1: – I’ve Added Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion to all local weather forecasts readings. – I’ve got rid of ads, because I want to keep the screen clean. They’ll be perhaps introduced again in the future, but for now enjoy Andy without advertisings. – New GPS/Location based features added. – Added support for local weather queries (in Celsius / Fahrenheit). Example: What is weather like today, tomorrow? Etc. – Added support for questions like: Do I need an umbrella (rain jacket, coat) today (tomorrow)? Will it be sunny, cloudy? Will it rain, snow (today, tomorrow)? – Added ability to search Youtube. Example: Youtube [Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here] – Added ability to invoke Andy just by doing a long press on your device’s search button – Fixed crashing on application load for phones with higher resolution.