Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change Andy’s voice?
Andy’s voice is controlled by the Text to Speech (TTS) engine installed on the device (phone/tablet). By default Andy is using a Pico TTS engine which is installed on most devices. However this is a very robotic sounding voice and thus it’s not the most popular option.To upgrade Andy’s voice to a more natural sounding voice, download and install one of many different TTS engines available from Google Android Play Market.
One of the most popular choices is TTS called Ivona. Here is a video tutorial on how you can install Ivona (video tutorial) or Svox (video tutorial) Text to Speech.

I can’t hear Andy talking. Sometimes I get an error: Android error: ‘Text-To-Speech engine is not installed on your device’.
Same as above, install TTS, such as Ivona (video tutorial) or Svox (video tutorial). Also make sure that Google Search and also Google Voice Search are installed on your device.

I’ve installed Ivona and also one of Ivona’s voices, also installed SVOX TTS, but it still doesn’t work.
Try to set the default TTS engine language to English in your Android’s device settings:
* Go to Android system settings and open your Text-to-speech settings menu.
* Change the Default Engine to Pico and listen to the example.
* Change the default Engine back to IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ or SVOX (whichever you’re using)
* Use settings icon next to Ivona (or Svox) and set the language of the synthesizer to English (US) (or whichever English local you’re using (UK, CA, etc.)

My device keeps telling me to install Text-to-Speech even though I did all ready. What do I do? Uninstall Google Search, also Google Voice Search and whatever TTS are you using and then install it all again, followed by a reboot of your device. Make sure TTS English language pack is downloaded and your default TTS is selected.

I can’t talk to Andy. Andy is not recognizing my speech. What do I do?
This is probably caused by a missing installation of Google Search and Google Voice Search. Install Google Voice Search and problem should be resolved. This is also a common problem with the way people hold their phones. Make sure your finger or thumb are not covering microphone opening.

I am unable to install full version of Andy onto my device. What do I do?
If you’re using free version of Andy, make sure it’s uninstalled before you try to perform installation of Andy Full Paid version.

Andy’s answer is wrong, how do I correct it? Can I rate Andy’s answers? We’re working on a new way to submit corrections and ratings for Andy’s answers. This is coming soon!

How is a paid version different from free version of Andy?
Full version has no limits on number of questions you can ask. Full version has a lot more additional functionality, such as opening applications on command, controlling phone functions on command, asking questions over the Bluetooth  shake recording, listing recent questions, etc…). There are too many features to mention. Full version has all future updates free of charge. Full version has no ads and will never have any ads in the future (this is our promise to you)

On how many devices can I use paid version of Andy?
On as many as you want, assuming you’re logging with the same android email address, you’ve used during the initial purchase.

Is there a way to stop Andy’s speech before it’s completed? Some of the answers are very long…
Yes, full version has this ability, there is a mute button, which allows you to stop Andy’s speech.

Where can I submit suggestions for Andy’s improvement?
Please visit Contact page for details. We really appreciate new suggestions.

Why can’t I install Andy on the SD card?
Andy uses Android features that do not work properly when an application is installed on an SD card. Andy is a small application, so it will not occupy much of your device’s internal memory and thus this should be of no issue. Anyhow, to accommodate users requests for this feature, new version of Andy will allow to be moved to SD card.

I installed the free version, then upgraded to the paid version. Now when I do a search in Andy, it says I am using an old version.
Un-install both free and paid version from your Android device. Reboot your device.
Then go to http://www.andyforandroid.com/download/ and select the full version.
Follow the process of downloading and installing the most recent version of Andy for Android.

I bought your app and it won’t give me the full version. I see only free version.
Go to http://www.andyforandroid.com/download/ and click on the link to full (paid) version.
This will take you over to Google’s Android Market (Play Store).

I have the word ‘Talk’ with the red ban circle around it, right next to microphone button. Why?
‘Mute/Stop Talking’ button is located right next to a Microphone icon. It allows you to stop Andy while in the process of reading answer. It can be particularly useful when Andy is reciting the long answers.

Andy says that there is a new version available, but Google Play market doesn’t allow me to update.
This typically happens when we release a new version of Andy to Google Play market.
Apparently, not all countries and locations around the globe get the update from Google Play market immediately.
In such case you’ll just need to wait a little. Typically it takes anywhere between 1-4 hours before update gets to everybody.

I have Andy on my device and when I click on it a popup said I need to update , but when I go into Google Play Store it doesn’t offer me an update.
Please un-install Andy completely and then install it again. Sometimes Google Play behaves this way and this is the only known solution.